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We understand that the contracting certification process can be frustrating and often is seen as overwhelming to small business owners. Certify to Success (CTS) helps small business owners operate their companies creatively and effectively.

Here, at CTS, our philosophy is that you should surround yourself with the advisors and consultants that are mentoring you on your path to knowledge and tactical success. Adding to your experience by learning from their knowledge and abilities of others is essential to the success of any small business owner. Since owners are held responsible for the consequences of their company’s actions, you need to have the knowledge to manage all aspects of your business, even if you delegate many of the daily duties and responsibilities relating to specific planning and tasks.

There is no mystery as to what regulations are required in contracting, or for the administrative tasks related to running your business in support of your industry, payroll requirements, chosen entity (i.e. LLC, Sole-Proprietor, S-Corp) etcetera, For this reason, it is so important to be aware of the regulations and how they impact on certain elements of your business structure, financials, partnerships and even procedures.