Navigating Socio-Economic Certifications

Certification can be a valuable tool to capitalize your business. Marketed effectively, it will open the door to contracting with the government (federal, state and local) and large corporations. For small business owners who are veterans, service disabled veterans, minority, female and/or otherwise disadvantaged, there are a variety of certification programs to consider.

But what if you do not qualify? Functional teaming is an option for small business owners who do not qualify for the certifications they would like to have.  We encourage small business owners to seek ways to make arrangements that expand their opportunities to qualify for the contracts as a team. We believe strongly that teaming is an important key to open the door to contracting, both with the government (federal, state and local) and with large corporations.

Effective teaming unites complementary strengths and capabilities allowing companies the ability to combine forces and increase their potential to perform successfully on larger contracts. By combining the strengths of each business with those of other companies, each organization can capitalize on any unique niche while coordinating efforts with other organizations to allow their best efforts to carve out a place for themselves and their team in the world of government and private sector contracting.

There are a variety of certification programs for women, minority and otherwise disadvantaged business owners to consider. Aside from the programs offered in your local city, county and state, the following are some of the more prominent national programs available on which CTS provides consultation which will be discussed to help you understand some of the choices which may be available to you:


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