Teaming Secrets and Strategies

Kaye Mitchell, speaker, gives key tips to forming your own team. The Power of More is the subject of this message. Whether you call them teams or any other term including: alliances, syndicates, partnership, consortium, joint venture, sub/prime relationship, franchise, affiliation, union, network, cooperative, association, coalition, connection, collaborative, amalgamation, communities, leagues, bundles, consolidations, the coming together for the purpose of making a business connection that will function as one entity gives an organization the ability to perform as a bigger business while still remaining a small business. By joining together to handle work on a project larger than an organization would be capable of performing alone, everybody wins.

Learn how to look for team members who have a similar vision, morals, ideals, systems and objectives to make sure you will be on the same page. Everyone has to pull his or her own weight. Trust yourself, your intuition, or your gut in determining who is a good fit. Learn how to evaluate the market to see what areas are being underserved. Determine who could be a good partner to expand your reach. Before you meet, learn the importance of having a non-disclosure agreement to sign. Why you should make a plan and an agreement in writing. Learn the importance of being clear on the division of labor. Think big and plan very carefully. Want to learn more?

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