Does The Government Buy What I Sell?

In this two part workshop, Kaye Mitchell discusses starting points to evaluate key elements that determine your fit as a government contractor and suggests various resources to help give you a clear understanding of how to start. Information that you can glean from government sites including FedBizOpps and FPDS will be revealed. The value of "Pathways to Success" (an excellent webinar from GSA) will be discussed. Kaye Mitchell makes this information so easy to understand that every business owner should pick up something of value from watching.

Does The Government Buy What I Sell? Part 1 - This video-brief will suggest quick "first steps" to make sure you have the groundwork in place to start the process of doing business with the government. You will learn the "must visit" government sites to register with or bookmark for successful progression.

Numerous details, which may not be easy for a business owner to understand, will be looked at including:

  1. How to extend your present NAICS code offerings to multiple options
  2. Making the most of
  3. How to find potential partners for teaming
  4. Ways to improve the value of your capability statement

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Does The Government Buy What I Sell? Part 2 - A very useful overview of what the GSA is and how you might benefit from being involved in this "mini-mall" for government purchasing will be provided. This video-brief offers a great first look at something that can be hard to understand. Here you get a little handholding while you explore the sites that will give you the information you need to discover how to go more in depth whether you want to be on a GSA schedule or not.

The GSA is a great vehicle to help small businesses get a foundation for growth with some substantial cash-flow. A company can remain on the GSA for up to 20 years. It renews every 5 years. The specifics of who, what, where and when will be spelled out in easy to understand ways.

You will also learn tricks to discover what your competition is doing, determine how some of your competitors might become good partner prospects, find keys to locating a potential mentor and determine which agencies/prime contractors you need to focus on when marketing.

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