Choosing Advice

The speaker, Kaye Mitchell, is a strong advocate of finding good advisors. "We are only as strong as our weakest link" is an old saying with a lot of truth. We all work hard to find trusted advisors who can make our business ventures stronger by their counsel. It is important to find advisors who are growing with you, not stagnating as you are attempting to propel yourself to a new level. Most important, it is vital to know enough about every part of your business so that you know when your advisors are delivering competent information and when they are not.

Choose your advisors and associates very carefully as their influence will have a bigger impact on what you think and how you grow than you can ever imagine. Your actions are a reflection of what you think as well as the influences around you. Be extremely selective in the advice you take to make sure it will support you in achieving your goals and that it is in alignment with your values and vision.

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