How We Help

Every day hundreds of individuals start a business for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, the majority will not survive past the first few years because they are working without enough support and direction. Focus, planning and implementation are critical for success in every business.

Our web site is strategic in layout and designed to help you access all the information you need to help guide you through the 8(a)BD, DBE certification process as quickly and effortlessly as possible.  To further facilitate your journey we offer:

  • Assistance to business owners regarding what certification programs are available and which of these program(s) would benefit the organization’s business and goals
  • Assistance through the application process for a variety of certifications including 8(a) and DBE
  • Creative ways to help small and minority owned business owners in expanding their marketing and development by:
    • Developing a strong capability statement
    • Taking key steps to focus marketing strategically
    • Providing assistance in organizing and developing strategic alliances (teaming and joint ventures)
  • Helping business owners with strategic planning and implementation to improve and maintain their companies competitive advantages
  • Assisting small and minority businesses in improving day-to-day business operations in preparation for growth
  • Providing assistance to small and minority businesses in developing systems for quality assurance and control to achieve higher rate of future contract awards.
  • Delivering training, including but not limited to:

Our home offices are located in Colorado. We work with business owners throughout the United States.