We, at Certify to Success (CTS) are devoted to providing consulting to small business owners which is why we have been doing this for over 19 years. Helping business owners, like you create the best ways to systemize, plan, market and develop your company is our primary focus and where our expertise excels. This work often takes us to companies who need help with the 8(a)BD and DBE certification process, two of many socio-economic certifications that the US Government is tasked to set aside specific percentages of the contract dollars to be awarded each year.

Many small businesses find the requirements of certification applications to be arduous. However, it has been our experience that once any organization understands the regulations and the specific reasons for each question included in a certification application, the company can see how the puzzle pieces fit in place

For small business owners who do not qualify for special socio-economic certification programs, there are options to learn more about functional teaming arrangements that expand business opportunities. We believe strongly that teaming is an important key to open the door to contracting, especially with the government. Teaming allows small companies the ability to combine forces and resources to increase their capability to perform on larger contracts.

We walk our talk. We know that without proper systems, procedures, planning and implementation, a person owns a job, he/she does not own a business. Therefore, we partner with other professionals to provide our clients with a complete solution to achieve big business results by uniting small business strengths.